A simple arcade- style game that involves the player causing as much destruction as possible before the timer or player health hits 0. 

This was made for a 3D Game Design and Programming Course, (2017). There's still plenty left to do as far as optimization and scripting tweaks go, but as it stands, it's still fun and playable.


  • W, A, S ,D keys for movement and climbing buildings
  • Space Bar for jumping
  • 'ESC' key for pausing the game
  • 'E' to pick up (crates, enemies, or lamp posts) throw 
  • Left Click for punch attack
  • Right Click for slide attack
  • Space Bar + Right click for a jump slide kick 

There are 3 potions in the game. 

  • Red Potion - Gives player 20 health
  • Blue Potion - Adds 20 seconds to game timer
  • Orange Potion - Adds 700 points to player score

There's also a local leader board that triggers after the game over animation ends. You can enter your name and you'll appear with your score. Unfortunately, we haven't tied it to an online board yet.

Enjoy. Thanks for playing.

Made by: David Toro, Timothy Joyce & Nick Wisniowski


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dont play this i dont know what is this

This game is bad ass!